Welcome to my website

Through this site I would like to present my recent work to you. Of course, photography is by no means the ideal way to do this, nevertheless, I trust to be able to let you have a glimpse into my imaginative world.

As a graphic artist I try to transform nature in all its manyfold appearances into a graphic image or icon that suits my eye. The limits that present themselves while using this technique bring along a specific charm that never stops to surprise me, and it is with constant wonder that I let the changing of the seasons be a never ending source of inspiration to me.

I went through artschool in ‘s-Hertogenbosch at the Royal Academy of Arts and Design from 1969 till 1974 and since 1994 I am living in the beautiful region of Burgundy, France, where I can quietly work surrounded by nature.

All my etchings are printed by hand in editions of 5 to 20 and prices are  between   € 50,- and € 300,- depending on size and edition, and can be framed if you like.

Through this site you may learn if and where my work is on exhibition, and of course for further questions and information please feel free to contact me:


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